HP specializes in a wide range of unique projects ranging from renovating a 100 year-old house to creating a king's bathroom with an open air shower. What sets HP apart from our competition is our "boutique" style. When you think of a boutique, you are reminded of quality, unique products and personal attention. These are the attributes that HP believes contribute to our success.

Quality is very important to HP.   We want to exceed our clients' expectations every time. Constantly raising the bar is one of our goals. We recognize that knowledge is power. That is why we continue to educate ourselves, so that we can bring the best to our clients.

HP also offers an array of unique products not found in home improvement stores, which contributes to the "boutique" feel of this company. We seek out projects that allow us to combine our creativity with that of our customers. We have a passion for customizing and designing. This allows us to turn a simple project into one with flare and distinction.

Just as you would find in a boutique, personal attention and attention to detail is of the utmost importance. We pride ourselves on our communication with the homeowner, as evidenced in these testimonials. We are service oriented and extremely sensitive to our clients' needs as we guide them each step of the way. Our contractors adhere to a set of Shared Values. The journey is just as important as the end result.

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