Create A unique Living Room

Create a unique living room

The living room of a home serves as the central area for entertaining guests and for spending time with the family. When choosing a design style for the living room, it is important to keep comfort in mind while selecting décor that is attractive and functional.

The vintage living room

Vintage style covers a period of time between the end of the Second World War and the dawn of the nineteen sixties.  Bringing to mind old Hollywood and classic television shows, vintage-style in a living room relies heavily on color and furniture choices.  Pearl-like neutrals, including cream, soft gray and tan, were very popular colors during this time period and are frequently seen in vintage-style décor. Accent colors may include soft shades of yellow, peach, blue and green, as well as darker neutrals. 

Vintage-style furniture is heavy yet refined; sofas and chairs may have bulky leather upholstered seating areas, while at the same time being perched on delicately carved legs.  Dark wood finishes are common, and dark brown and black are common upholstery choices.

The modern living room

Dark colored leather upholstery is also popular in the modern-style living room.  Characterized by clean lines, smooth surfaces and a minimalist approach, modern - or contemporary - style décor tends to be simple and straightforward.  Multi-tasking pieces such as storage ottomans (that also function as coffee tables) are popular choices, and large-scale entertainment and shelving units frequently fill one wall of the room. 

In addition to the dark leather and wood surfaces, modern-style interiors also use the naturals and neutrals popular in vintage living rooms.  Earth tones are also desirable, and jewel tones of primary colors make great substitutes for black or are perfect for accenting a room.

The country living room

Country-style is one of the most flexible and universal designs used in a living room.  Starting with a base of white or eggshell, the style may be barn style and rural; have an international flavor, drawing from countries as diverse as Italy, France and Sweden; or be a celebration of Americana.

Country-style furniture typically sits up off the ground, so sofas and loveseats will have turned or wedge-shaped legs. A structured yet comfortable design is common and colors range from deep gray to pale cream.  Floral patterns are also popular upholstery and drapery options, as well as being thrown in as accents in the form of pillows or cushions.  Stripes and gingham may decorate the windows as curtains or plantation shutters may be used for an airy, homey feel.

The Shabby Chic living room

Shabby Chic living room décor could be compared to a rustic vintage look; many of the same colors and textures are used and the overall look can be reminiscent of the luxury-vintage-style.  White is the staple color for a Shabby Chic design, with pale or pastel shades of rose, turquoise and sage, as well as blues and gold.  Distressed finishes, soft fabrics and a well-worn, well-loved look are the keys to a successful Shabby Chic living room.

Wood furniture is most common in a Shabby Chic living room, either completely or in part.  Turned legs on sofas and chairs; china cabinets and curios; and trunks and chests used for storage or as tables are often seen.